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The Renew counseling staff brings over 80 years of experience together helping the community. Strengthen. Change. Renew.

Jessica Kaiser

Dr. Jessica Kaiser specializes in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. As the region’s only psychoanalyst, Dr. Kaiser uses the depth of psychoanalytic psychotherapy to look at both unconscious and conscious processes that lead to why we think act and feel the way that we do. Ultimately getting to the root of the issue which leads to lasting, long term relief. Dr. Kaiser treats depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, borderline pathology, DID, spiritual issues and a host of other diagnoses. Dr. Kaiser predominantly treats individuals aged 13 and above. Dr. Kaiser is willing to treat couples and families upon request. Dr. Kaiser looks forward to serving you! 

MDiv 2013, Sioux Falls Seminary 
DMin 2019, Sioux Falls Seminary 

Psychoanalysis, 2017 Brookhaven Institute for Psychanalysis and Christian Theology

Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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