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The Renew counseling staff brings over 80 years of experience together helping the community. Strengthen. Change. Renew.

Kim Questad

Looking for CHANGE? Wanting relief from anxiety, depression or needing direction? I am accepting new clients and available within a 1-3 of days for an appointment. I am a professional that can help guide you through goals that you identify as you come to therapy. I find each individual unique and believe you can be successful. I want to help you Strengthen, Change, and Renew. I accept preteen and above for services.

 Myself and the Renew team has experience to provide quality services for your needs. A solid value system of caring for those that enter our office to work through difficult situations with empathy & an open mind without judging.  We provide a safe, quiet, comfortable, and private space for therapy. We believe all those who walk in my door have the right to privacy.

“Just as a winding river changes the landscape with its rise and fall through time, so our lives can do the same. Taking a step of faith towards healing is a beginning to enrich your life.” K Questad

Kim graduated in 1982 with her Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Relations from South Dakota State University.  She received her Masters in Counseling in 2010 from South Dakota State University.  Kim holds a Master of Science, is a Licensed Addiction Counselor, and a Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor.  Kim is a certified facilitator for Prepare Enrich for marriage and couples counseling. I am a SD approved supervisor.  I have many years of experience supervising individuals ACT, LAC, LPC and LPC-MH clinicians.  I currently serve as the Clinical Supervisor for Renew Counseling Services.  

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