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The Renew counseling staff brings over 80 years of experience together helping the community. Strengthen. Change. Renew.

Kim Questad

Years of Experience :  10 years
Specialty/Areas of Focus:
Certified First Responder Counselor.
Grief and loss, emotional needs, depression, anxiety, PTSD, couples, adolescents, life changes.

Justin Nielsen

Years of Experience : 5 years
Specialty/Areas of Focus:
Certified First Responder Counselor.
Individual and couples therapy, addiction issues, personality disorders, spirituality, relational issues, emotional regulation issues, and LGBTQ.

Michelle Pliska

Years of Experience : 12 years
Specialty/Areas of Focus:

Youth that are struggling emotionally or behaviorally, Veterans, life transitions, trauma, crisis counseling, depression, anger, anxiety, parent/child/relationship problems, grief and loss.  

Barb DeVos

Years of Experience :  16 years
Specialty/Areas of Focus: Children, youth, young adults and families. ADHD & other learning differences, anxiety/depressed mood, developmental disabilities (autism), addictions, trauma and struggles to make transitions in life.

Gretchen Hartmann

Years of Experience:  14 years

Specialty/ Areas of Focus: 
Therapy for couples & individuals of all ages: child and adolescent behavioral issues, parenting strategies, couples therapy – including intimacy and sexual concerns, family resolution, transitions & conflict.

Faith Carlson

Years of Experience :  3 years
Specialty/Areas of Focus:
Eating disorders including the treatment of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. I also support clients dealing with anxiety, depression, body-image issues, self-esteem issues, relational and interpersonal struggles, and personal growth.

Jessica Kaiser

Years of Experience : 10 years
Specialty/Areas of Focus:
Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Spiritual Issues.

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