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One Piece of the Entire Puzzle

Justin Nielsen Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, LAC, QMHP, CFRC

All of the therapists with Renew Counseling Services have a variety of educational experiences, occupational backgrounds, and therapeutic methods. We understand the value of collaboration and teamwork, because we regularly engage in it. Renew Counseling Services is connected with Carroll Institute, a leading addiction treatment agency in South Dakota. Carroll Institute provides outpatient, residential, and prevention services, and maintains close relationships with the justice system, social services and other medical providers, such as The Center for Family Medicine. Our therapists Barb and Michelle are closely connected within local school districts. Our therapist Faith provides treatment services for eating disorders and regularly collaborates with medical professionals throughout the United States. All of the therapists can help facilitate connections within the community to help get you to where you want to go, while you’re also working through emotional, behavioral and other psychological needs during session.

Understanding how to utilize your therapist’s professional connections can be an important asset to mental health treatment. Your therapist can also help teach you on how to make those connections for yourself. For instance, psychological evaluations are primarily conducted by a psychologist. Medication management is primarily prescribed through a medical doctor and managed through a team of professionals. Maybe you feel stuck in an abusive relationship and find you’re lacking resources to make the changes you desire. Utilizing community resources like The Compass Center or the 211 Helpline can help get you connected to resources and/or advice to help make some of the life changes you’re looking to make. Not one specific therapist, one specific organization, medication, or one treatment modality may have the specific “cure” you’re looking for. Therapy is only one piece of the puzzle of change. If you meet with your therapist one hour per week, you still have 167 hours left! Finding ways to use that additional time productively can help increase the productivity of therapy. If you believe you may benefit from additional support, ask your therapist about potential resources within your community. It is always your decision on when and how to utilize community resources, and it’s always good to have a variety of referral options, just in case one isn’t a good fit. Building a well-rounded support system of individuals, organizations and other resources can be beneficial and increases the likelihood of long-term change and healing.

Clinicians with Renew Counseling Services can offer telehealth therapy, as well as completing treatment needs assessments, individual sessions, couples or family counseling. Feel free to give us a call for a free consultation to examine if our services could be right for you.