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Every Body has a Seat at the Table

The 2021 National Eating Disorder Awareness Week February 22 – February 28, 2021

Faith Carlson Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, QMHP

The National Eating Disorders Association has announced the 2021 theme “Every Body has a Seat at the Table” bringing awareness to both eating disorders and misconceptions during national eating disorder awareness month. This theme highlights that eating disorders are not determined by a certain body type, weight, or appearance; or that professional help should only be sought if a person looks a certain way. This long held misconception can prevent individuals from seeking professional help early on and could result in negative physiological and psychological effects. In actuality, over 13 feeding and eating disorders and subsets have been identified and are recognized by mental health sciences. Of these, there are no requirements as it relates to a numerical weight or body shape in being identified as having an eating disorder. 

If weight, shape, and appearance are not key identifying factors in determining an eating disorder, what is? Because eating disorders do not “appear” the same for everyone we look at the negative impact eating disorders have in interrupting personal and social functioning. Food and nutrition are basic human needs. They are the foundation of all other functioning. When this foundation becomes disrupted it is more and more difficult to maintain both mental and physical health. 

With awareness that eating disorders are not all the same, do no look a certain way, and can have significant implications, getting support as early as possible is all the more important. That begins by having an honest conversation with your primary doctor, school counselor, or reaching out for professional support. 

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